Customer Testimonials


We have clean-exhaust systems installed on 3 Caterpillar generators. Prior to the clean-exhaust installation we had black to grey scum on the hull with floating black particulate. It was necessary to wash the hull at the minimum of once a day on charter even with a clear coat finish.
The gens use approximately 1 liter of oil per day. After the clean-exhaust installation, we have very little exhaust residue around the exhaust exits and there is no apparent black floating particulate. We still have to clean STARFIRE’s hull, however, any scum and particulate is easily removed with a gentle wash. The CE system has worked wonders around the exhaust exits and it does not stain the hull at the water line as before!
Stern too docking was always a concern in the Mediterranean before CE was installed; the deck crew on Starfire even offering to wash the hull of other yachts berthed alongside us, the soot we coated them with was terrible. Aboard Starfire we no longer have marks where exhaust has been etched into the paint by rubbing fenders and clean exhaust has enabled us to have more time to focus on other important maintenance detail - a much happier crew, a better looking yacht!!


We seem to have had great success with this and are happy to say that our two bigger generators seem to be mostly soot free now. We will do it again on the mid gen in the near future and let you know. We have also tweaked our levels and will let you know once we have reached a happy medium. Current Stroke 80 at 40 hertz.


At the moment we are in St Barth and we have a boat next to us and I switched off the system for the night and the side of the boat was dirty in the morning. When I switched the system back on, they cleaned the boat and the next morning it was clean which means the system is working.


Jerko Marcelic

Chief Engineer

MY Carpe Diem(Trinity 047)

2x 280 Kw Northern Lights



The figures as it stands on the Port and Stb Gen as been dialed in and work great at that setting of Stroke 60 and 45 ppm.
The mid gen seems to be working some days perfect. Other days it just pumps out alot of carbon. That is the reason I have the setting higher to help clean out all the carbon build up.


The result was irrefutable that, without the clean-exhaust system turned on, the soot and emissions into the atmosphere and water were quite prevalent. I would highly recommend the clean-exhaust system to any vessel needing to cut down on exhaust emissions as well as soot build up. We are certainly satisfied and will continue to use the system indefinitely.


David Pool

1st Officer

M/Y Mia Elise

2 Northern Lights, 130kw